est. 2019

Hyperlore is a competitive and casual pvp/economy minecraft server. we use high end hosting software to assure that there is little to no lag! We have things from PvP, Kits and Events, to Farming, Casinos, and Auctions. Hyperlore is based off of an OpPvP System. what this means is PvP is more intense and requires skill, while also being fairly simple to get good at. OpPvP uses High-Level enchants paired with Custom Enchants. To make a perfectly balanced and fun PvP Experience. On the webstore you can purchase cosmetic perks as well as making kits take less time to recieve. 

Hyperlore IS NOT P2W (pay to win). All items purchasable on the webstore are also able to be achieved In-Game without donating or purchasing ranks/items.